Layne Corban

Lanham, MD / Bridal shops

Maryland harbors a haven for the wistful bride-to-be who has been perplexed and frustrated in the quest for just the right silk wedding gown to transform her threshold experience into a joy of a lifetime. At Maryland’s jewel in the crown of Bridal Fashion, couturièrre Vanessa Layne Mason has developed a deserved following from brides wearing her inspired creations, designed to fit and flatter in ways that might be imitated but allow no substitute – creations that speak to the achievability of bridal fantasies gloriously fulfilled.

Brides who turn to Layne Corban will find delight in the collaborative process. Each wedding garment and bridal ensemble is crafted from the finest, most select silk fabrics and materials, masterfully embellished with judicious touches of genuine Swarovski® and Austrian crystal details – details calculated to reflect the designer’s profound understanding of the bride’s preferences and tastes.

From start to finish, brides-to-be will find this to be a remarkable, one-of-a kind experience working with the designer herself to select that perfect, cherished top-to-toe wedding-day outfit – from the centerpiece figure-flattering silk wedding gown, to artfully chosen bridal accessories, including silk bridal gloves, silk bridal shoes, and bridal veil. Vanessa Layne Mason will also work with her brides to select the perfect Swarovski crystal jewelry and freshwater pearl jewelry from the Butterfly by Layne Corban collection which includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair adornments, combs – extending, if desired, to an enchanting Swarovski crystal tiara worthy of the legendary Princess Diana.

At Layne Corban, a focus on making it possible for each bride achieve her personal pinnacle of elegance, glamour and figure-flattering appeal, Maryland denizens and beyond are seeing the benefits of access to this “new generation” designer, who blends an exacting mix of simplicity, stylishness, elegance and quality to perfectly showcase each bride whether she will be showcased in an exotic island destination wedding or the full range of traditional wedding settings. Vanessa Layne Mason has made Layne Corban the go-to resource for bridal fashion in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond for the most beautiful silk wedding gowns, silk wedding accessories, Swarovski crystal jewelry, and freshwater pearl jewelry.

Every woman deserves to be a beautiful bride. At Layne Corban, you need never feel cheated of that cherished dream. Don’t you deserve the benefit of the best? We are here to assist you in your bridal experience.

Layne Corban operates by private appointment only. Scheduling an appointment six months prior to your wedding date is advised for the optimal experience, although accommodations can and are made if necessary. Please contact us to schedule your appointment today to see collection that is inspired from the ultimate fashion icons from Hollywood’s silver screen and golden era.

Budget: $500.00 to $5,000.00

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