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2736 N Downer Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211



Each couple is as unique as the moment. The grandeur of the moment. I watch for those moments where subject and light come together into beautiful photographs. Capturing the moments that make your wedding day special. My purpose is to capture the distinctive personalities of each couple in photographs that express who they are. Destination weddings are once in a lifetime adventures that can be shared with others through photographs. I pride myself on seeing moments and settings from a unique and fun perspective. Every location offers an opportunity for extraordinary photographs.


Primary Area Served: 100 miles
Will Travel If Expenses Paid: Yes
Bridal Budget (package): $2,000-6,000
Photography Style: Photojournalism
Photojournalism Training: Work(ed) at newspaper/magazine
Trained With: I have worked over 20 years as a freelance photographer at various newspapers, magazines as well as location work throughout the country.
Camera Equipment: Digital
Work with Assistant: Yes
Multiple Photographers: Yes
Can Guarantee a Photographer: Yes
Online Proofs: Yes
Sell Prints Online: Yes
Other Services: N/A